The Relationship

How can we be of service?
With Art of Tea as your personalized source of the highest quality teas and botanicals, you will enter the wonderful world of tea knowledge and passion for this endlessly creative and enjoyable brew.

We sift through the best ingredients and blend in a heaping handful of hospitality.

Our goal is to provide individualized attention and ensure your teas and tea program are setting industry standards. As a result, our teas and tisanes are customized and blended to create an array of taste profiles and health attributes which reflect and enhance the quality environments of our customers. Creating a global community for tea drinkers and building resources for them is an important function of Art of Tea. Equally as important is giving back to the world. At of Art of Tea, a portion of proceeds are donated to charitable organizations. Because ethics and quality are so important many of our teas are certified kosher, fair trade certified and certified organic. We invite you to experience the high quality taste, aroma and purity that our select teas offer.