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Loose Leaf Tea Program:

• Significantly profitable price margins with surprisingly low maintenance

• Upscale presentation with a unique, full sensory experience

• Over 200 unique and traditional premium organic teas, tisanes and blends

• Appeals to both the experienced tea drinker and the novice

• Custom tailored offerings for hotels, restaurants, spas and retail

• Hand blended and packed fresh in convenient, resealable packaging

• Low minimums; fast turnaround

Iced Tea Program:

• Offering a wide variety of cost-effective, award-winning iced teas

• Fresh-steeped whole leaf grade; not concentrate or dust grade

• Enhance your beverage options by creating signature drinks

• Art of Tea offers a variety of iced tea equipment for qualified

participants in our iced tea program

• Low minimums - available in cases of 25 or 50 three gallon pouches

• Nationwide shipping; fast turnaround

Bagged Tea Program:

• A variety of unique and traditional teas, as well as caffeine-free herbal


• Premium whole leaf teas - no dust or fannings

• Convenient, maintenance-free portion control

• Eco-friendly, biodegradable pyramid teabags

• Low minimum orders

• Retail display and self-serve station options

• Attractive, distinct packaging with high visibility

As an Art of Tea Wholesale Customer You Get:

  • Wide Selection

    Over 200 different products including award winning Loose Leaf Tea, Iced Tea, Bagged Tea and gourmet teaware.

  • Steeping loose leaf tea in a on the go cup

    Low Minimums

    Initial orders can be samples only. We have a low $75 minimum for wholesale orders. This can be a combined order of different teas.

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    Education & Training

    We provide ongoing training and tasting notes to our partners so they can better serve and sell customers.

  • Loose leaf tea sits in glass teaware

    Menu Development

    We work closely with our partners to create tea offerings that compliment their menus and delight their customers.

  • A variety of loose leaf teas in spoons

    Discount Pricing

    We offer only premium teas, tisanes, and blends at a reasonable cost savings. Plus we offer discounts on bulk items.

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    Great Service

    24/7 Access to your account. With up to date processing information.

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