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Level Up Your Tea Game

Did you know that all tea comes from the same evergreen shrub? Or that the phrase ‘herbal tea’ is an oxymoron? Learn this and so much more by immersing yourself in the Art of Tea Academy.

At Art of Tea, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and understanding of the depths of the drink that has been enjoyed for centuries. Art of Tea Academy Part | is here to help educate you on tea types, tea recipes, and how to make the perfect cup of tea (hot or iced!) The biggest investment you have to make to become a tea expert is your time.  

Art of Tea Academy Part || is now live and filled with BRAND NEW exclusive content. Join our Become A Tea Expert Expanded course to immerse yourself deeper into the difference between Chinese Green Teas and Japanese Green Teas. Learn about the difference between Hojicha Powder and Matcha Powder, how to evaluate tea, tea blending basics, and more in Part ||. 

For a limited time, we have decided to offer our online course about all things tea for FREE for our Wholesale Partners! Contact or your sales representative for a free access code.

We are so excited to offer this as a way to connect with our communiTEA. Our mission is to create a delicious experience and to impact as many lives as we can through tea. Thank you for being a loyal Art of Tea partner. We couldn’t do what we do without your amazing support.

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