At Art of Tea, we offer all of our wholesale partners a wide variety of cost effective, award winning iced teas! With low minimums, our iced teas are available in cases of 25 or 50 two-quart or three-gallon pouches. Art of Tea enhances your bulk iced tea options by creating signature drinks that feature fresh-steeped whole tea leaf grade products; no concentrate or dust grade. Offering nationwide shipping and a fast turnaround, Art of Tea is proud to offer a variety of iced tea equipment for qualified wholesale participants, such as restaurants or hotels!

Wholesale Iced Tea Handling

Below, you will find information from our tea sommeliers on how to properly store your bulk iced tea pouches, as well as the proper method for brewing the best iced tea you and your guests have ever experienced:

Storing Your Bulk Iced Tea Pouches

At Art of Tea, we guarantee that our handcrafted artisan iced teas will leave our facility in peak condition. Proper iced tea bag storage will help you to preserve the flavor and freshness long after its production.

  • We recommend storing your bulk iced teas in airtight containers to ensure longevity, while keeping away from heat moisture, and exposure to light.
  • Bulk, organic iced teas can be easily altered by neighboring spices and aromas, so it is best to store them in an area where the leaves cannot be permeated.
  • Stored properly, unflavored bulk iced teas can last up to 18 months.
  • Flavored iced teas can last up to twelve months.

Choosing Your Water

Water quality greatly impacts the flavor of your teas. Great water will yield great tea. For best results, we suggest:

  • Spring or filtered water
  • Low mineral bottled water or distilled water can be used if the water in your area is hard.
  • For optimal results, it is best to avoid reheating the same batch of water.
Steep Times

Preparing Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea In Bulk

When choosing a method to brew iced tea, it’s most important to take your business’s volume into consideration. Below, you’ll find manual brewing instructions for two-quart and three-gallon iced tea packages.

We recommend brewing 2 Quarts of iced tea if you’re a smaller business, you have several iced teas available, and/or you’ll primarily be making drinks in a service area. We recommend using 3 Gallon iced tea pouches for larger volume businesses and/or use with an iced tea dispenser.

Reusing Tea and Re-Steeping Iced Tea Bags

We highly recommend discarding all excess brewed tea at the end of each day. The only prepared tea you can or should be leaving at the end of a day is cold brew iced tea, which may be left in a refrigerator overnight to allow for proper steeping.

Many teas can and should be re-steeped. In many cases, the flavor profile will be unique with each steeping. Re-steeping is not necessarily recommended for tisanes. You should also only re-steep within the first couple of hours of the first infusion.

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